Struggling to make ends meet?

Struggling to make ends meet?

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I have a group with more details but basically 
a weight loss product
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Of course we would love you to try the product to give you personal faith in it but you do not have to just to earn an income from the work you do.
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I am not trying to entice anyone away from what they are doing. I believe you are all adults and can make your own choices.

If you want to find out more about this company I have a group set up that you can join for more information. Send me a friend request if we are not already friends and just let me know and I can then add you to it.


ImageHave you ever thought about the benefits we have with the most simplest foods that we have here on earth? I have compiled a list which probably is not exhaustive of the benefits!!

– Anti-Inflammatory

– Alkaline Rich Food

– High Protein

– Boosts Energy

– Prevents Cancer

– Regulate Cholesterol

– Regulates Blood Pressure

– Good for the Brain, Heart and Skin

– Helps satisfy hunger

– Reduces birth defects during pregnancy






10 Signs of Gluten Intolerance

ImageDid you know that Gluten is an actual protein and can be found in things like rye, wheat, flour, and so much more. More than 55 diseases are caused by gluten intolerance.

Symptoms may include some of the following

  • gas or bloating
  • fatigue, brain fog after eating gluten
  • neurologic symptoms such as dizziness or feeling off balance
  • anxiety, depression, mood swings
  • diagnosis hormone imbalances such as pms, pcos
  • inflammation swelling in knees, hip joints finger joints
  • diagnosis of fibromyalgia chronic fatigue
  • diarrhea and even constipation
  • migraine headaches
  • diagnosis hashimotos thyroid, psoriasis

Of course always check with your GP if you have any of the above symptoms Link




Emotional Eating

How to Recognise and Stop Emotional Eating

We don’t always recognise emotional eating, nor do we turn to food simply when we are hungry. We can eat when we are stressed or feel under pressure, or when we are hurting and the list goes on..After we have over eaten we can feel guilty and unfortunately it doesn’t fix the problem and the emotional pain is still there unless we are able to recognise the triggers, then emotional eating continues.

First We Need to Understand Emotional Eating

Have you ever been so full that you cant eat another thing, but don’t want to miss out on that fabulous dessert, and you force your self to eat it? Then you’ve experience emotional eating. Eating food at time of celebration or a reward isn’t over eating, its a time to enjoy yourself. We can identify emotional eating we use food as a coping mechanism for when we are upset, stressed, hurting, angry, bored, exhausted –  then we tend to get stuck in this cycle that we cant seem to escape from

Oil Pulling


Oil pulling has been around for many years and is great for oral health and detoxification for our bodies. It involves the use of pure oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria and fungus from our systems. 


The most effective way to oil pull is done by placing a table spoon of cold press organic sesame seed oil into the mouth, and then swishing it around the mouth for 10 to 15 minutes and then spitting it out.

Other oils such as extra virgin cold press oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil also have been know to be used. You can alternate between oils every few days if you wish to do so.

First the oil is mixed with the saliva and turns into a thin white liquid. As you continue to swish the oil around your teeth, gums, tongue the oil begins to pull the toxins from your system and turns into a thick white liquid. You then spit the oil out.


Scientific studies have shown that oil pulling is an effective in  boosting ones overall health and also reducing the number of germs and is also great for oral health as well as helps pull the bacteria out and minimises the amount of bacteria on the wall of the gums.


  • Prevention of disease in the teeth and gums
  • Prevention of gingivitis
  • Overall wellness for the teeth and gums and jaw

About Me

Hello my name is Dawn and I live in Queensland Australia. I have 4 adult children and 1 beautiful granddaughter as well as an incredible loving and supportive husband. I have been working from home since February 2013 as I became ill with “fibromyalgia and couldn’t work full time any more due to the pain and brain fog also chronic fatigue strong thought that there has to be more to life than this, constant and so forth I decided to start on a journey of getting myself healthy. I also decided that with getting healthy that there has to be a lifestyle as well. Which got me thinking on how can I do this? The thought came to me, that it isn’t going to be easy, to change my whole way of thinking, eating, and the dreaded word exercise (well for me anyway) weight loss and so much more. After a few months of research, and beginning my lifestyle change, I decided to start a “BLOG” as I am I mentioned earlier I am interested in a healthy life style Not only for me, but for others as well, there are so many people struggling with similar issues as myself, if I can help or give a bit of information that might change someone’s lifestyle in just a small way then that is great. So of the topics you can expect to see in my blogs will be things like: healthy recipes, tips on weight loss, women and their  hormones and the effect it has on weight gain, healthy eating, weight loss for teens, men and so much more.



The Government closes the Government.. REALLY?

Many people woke up today to not having to go to work in the U.S.

Over 800,000 families are going without their paychecks!
Unless, of course, they are SBC Distributors.
We are creating our own financial futures!

After seeing some posts about people going through hard financial times, I thought long and hard about mentioning this again. But so many that started as Skinny Fiber customers that decided they love it so much they have become Distributors and are now earning a few hundred …up to a few thousand dollars a month sharing this awesome product with others.

I haven’t wanted to offend or push this opportunity on anyone and in reality, I’m keeping you from making the decision yourselves. I know I can’t be the only one that is searching for a better life… if you’d like more info on how to do what I do and learn more about the company I work for, Skinny Body Care, please inbox me I’m happy to give you more info!

If your ready for a change, contact me…or join us here!!
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